Election 2019

General election 2019

A general election has been called for Dec. 12, 2019 and it could be our last chance to make sure we get another referendum to avoid the disaster of leaving the EU. So please join us in campaigning to get as many pro-EU candidates as possible elected as MPs. Our leaflet below,  which we'll need a lot of help to deliver around the borough, suggests using several tactical voting websites to maximise the chances of electing pro-EU candidates, so please visit the sites (links below) if you're unsure how to vote. And if you'd like to help with deliveries, email us at info@enfieldforeurope.com . Please help - together we can stop 'Brexit'.

Register to vote

The deadline for registering to vote for the general election on Dec. 12 has now passed, but any result is possible. If there's a hung parliament, we may need another election or even an EU referendum, which means you'll get another chance to vote. So if you're not registered, please take five minutes to sign up and help to #StopBrexit

  • Promoted by S. Dodgson on behalf of Enfield for Europe, c/o the People's Vote campaign (Open Britain Ltd), Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP.

May 2019 European elections

Pro-Remain parties took the biggest vote share in the European Parliament election on May 23, 2019,  despite gains for the so-called 'Brexit Party', and pro-European parties are still in the majority in the European Parliament. There are reports that many EU citizens resident in the UK were turned away from polling stations, despite registering to vote in time. If anyone in Enfield has experienced this, please let us know and we'll report it to the council, the Electoral Commission and the EU. A general election or another referendum is possible later this year or early next year, so please register to vote ASAP if you haven't already done so, using the link to the right. EU nationals resident in the UK don't have the right to vote in general elections, but we will push the case for them to have the vote in any future referendum.



Enfield's European Election results

Labour Party: 22,843

Liberal Democrats: 15,716

The Brexit Party: 14,650

Green Party: 7,764

Conservative & Unionist Party: 6,501

Change UK - The Independent Group: 3,487

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 1,785

Animal Welfare Party: 933

Women's Equality Party: 785

UK European Union Party (UKEUP): 645

Independent candidates (votes in total): 282

  • Total votes: 75,391; turnout: 38.2%; rejected ballot papers: 723

Enfield for Europe campaigners and Bambos Charalambous MP (centre) at Gordon Hill station on polling day.

Opinion polls

How Enfield voted in the 2016 EU referendum

Enfield voted 55.8% Remain vs 44.2% Leave


Edmonton (Ed)       54.5% Remain

Enfield Southgate (ES)   62.1% Remain

Enfield North (EN)     50.8% Remain

Ward                               Margin of votes in favour (indicative only)


Palmers Green (ES)                     1,882

Winchmore Hill (ES)                    1,877

Southgate Green (ES)                1,797

Bowes (ES)                                   1,784

Southgate (ES)                             1,570

Grange (ES)                                   1,243

Cockfosters (ES)                           1,236

Bush Hill Park (Ed)                        1,084

Haselbury (Ed)                               731

Upper Edmonton (Ed)                 716

Town (EN)                                       595

Edmonton Green (Ed)                 574

Ponders End (Ed)                       508

Highlands (EN)                               443

Southbury (EN)                               255

Lower Edmonton (Ed)                212

Enfield Lock (EN)                         41


Turkey Street (EN)                     431

Chase (EN)                                    96

Enfield Highway (EN)                   62

Jubilee (Ed)                                     15

May 2018 local elections

Enfield for Europe advised voters to vote for pro-EU candidates standing for election to Enfield Council on May 3, 2018. Thanks to all those voters who asked us for information on candidates' views on the EU and to those candidates who replied to our survey. The local and national results of the elections are in the link below and to the right. The poll resulted in a larger pro-Remain majority on the council. 'Brexit' is not a done deal and we can stop it so please write to your new councillors asking them to put maximum pressure on their national parties to oppose the government's plan to leave the EU. They need to know we won't accept the damage that leaving will do to local services. Please also register to vote using the link above if you've not already done so - a general election could happen at any time and we need to be ready for it.

Please urge your local councillors to support the UK's EU membership and keep the European flag flying at Enfield Civic Centre