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"Not as good as the UK's current system" : Former WTO chief on alternatives to EU trade deals

Can you be a member of the Single Market but not the EU? Yes



The NHS and 'Brexit' 

EU Citizens

The cost of the EU - and 'Brexit'

Foreign Policy

UK/EU Politics

EU Funding

Keeping the peace



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UK has chosen not to enforce these EU migration safeguards


EU Withdrawal Bill

A.50/Legal Challenges

Article 50 Challenge

People's Challenge to the Govt on Article 50: A Parliamentary Prerogative

Brexit legal challenge could give MPs vote on leaving single market

Science and the EU

'Brexit' Petitions/Polls

Parliament's vote on Brexit deal must include an option to remain in the EU

EU Citizenship 

Petitions to Labour to change stance on 'Brexit'

EU Rights/Benefits

'Brexit' - What we know now

A full guide to facts that have emerged since the referendum

Vote Leave Myths  

Click here for a list of Leave myths from Richard Corbett MEP